December 30, 2022

10 Fun and Engaging Instagram Story Ideas for your Company

According to Hubspot, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the top three social media platforms marketers are using in 2022. Instagram will continue to be a top tool for marketers whether you’re a big corporation or a small business. Here are some fun and engaging Instagram story ideas that will make some good noise for your company!

Meet the team and team introductions

Make it personal between your business and your customer, even in the digital space! Whenever the customer is able to attach a face to the name, they are more likely to remember your brand and make a purchase. Introduce the people that help run the day-to-day operation of your business and as your business grows, make sure to reintroduce your team for your new followers too!


Your social media doesn’t always have to be about you. Have you had a recent collaboration with a brand you think deserves some recognition? Are you looking for another way to grow your engagement by getting your account in front of a different audience? Shoutouts can highlight brands that you’ve worked with in the past or ones that you want to shed some recognition on. Hopefully the brand you shoutout will not only interact with your content but maybe even repost it on their own social media page in front of their loyal audience.


Instagram native tools and elements are not all that bad. In fact, by using native elements in your content, Instagram likes to favor those stories in their algorithm. One of the most useful tools that many companies like to use is the polls tool. A quick and easy way to bring your followers into the conversation by making them feel like their voice is heard.

Behind the scenes action

Further expanding on making customers feel like they are involved in the company, why not actually bring the customer along for the journey. This can come in various forms like a “Day in the Life”, “Product Demos”, or “Customer Takeovers”. Additionally, this can be extremely engaging if you’re building up traction before a big project or product launch, so the customer can get a sneak peek into what they can expect on the big day.

Follower milestone

Without any followers, your social media content or page won’t have social media credibility. This makes your followers the beating heart of your business, so why not celebrate their commitment to your business by thanking them! It is also a great way to share small victories with your followers as your business grows. For example, milestones include reaching 50 followers, 100 followers, 1K followers, etc. You can even go the extra mile and add an incentive for followers like a giveaway for your 100th follower. Not only are you promoting your brand but you’re also keeping your followers engaged with your content.


Have a new product launch coming up soon? Or a routine blog post scheduled that you want to generate more excitement about? Try out the countdown sticker on Instagram as you plan your social media campaign. This sticker is not only dynamic with the clock counting down but it also creates a sense of urgency for your followers to get excited for what’s coming!

Reshare old posts

Old posts can and should be revilitized every once in a while, especially if they had great engagement when they were first posted. However, posting in-feed might not be the most appealing for some businesses, making stories the solution! Since they only live on your social media page for 24 hours, followers can easily click on the post you reshared and not have to scroll through your entire feed. Simple, quick, and easy.

Collage layouts

Overwhelming content on your stories can sometimes be exhausting for your followers. Keeping your stories short and sweet is more impactful than adding multiple story cards. For example, if you are posting images, why not make a collage layout of those images so you only post once or twice on your story with each card including multiple images. You’ll also have the freedom to play around with the dimensions and placement of the images within the card to make it stand out! A great tool for creating collages is Canva; there are tons of free templates available to make your collages unique and creative. However if you’re looking for a more easy-to-use tool, try Instagram layout to quickly stitch your images together.

Share your location

When appropriate, sharing your location can get your story in surrounding people’s feeds. These are new viewers who would normally not have been exposed to your content beforehand. The sticker is an easy addition to any story card and if placed right, can be aesthetically pleasing to the viewer!

Offer deals

The lifespan of an Instagram story is 24 hours, so use this to your advantage. Scarcity can not only increase followers and engagements, since followers don’t want to miss out on your next promotion, but also sales. These exclusive and time limited deals are a great way to keep your followers continuously interested in your content. There are a variety of deals to offer your followers and keep them wanting more. For example, offer a special price, such as a 10% discount, on a select product. Another deal could be to offer the first three story comments a unique discount code to your business page. Don’t be shy, any discount is attractive to followers! 

For your next social media campaign, be sure to consider using Instagram and how stories can be beneficial for increasing follower engagement! Better yet, why not take one of these ideas and better fit it for your brand. We can’t wait to see them live!