Common Marketing Agency Myths

August 25, 2022

Common Marketing Agency Myths

Choosing which marketing agency, or using one at all, is an important decision for your company.  This is why it’s important to keep in mind some of the false information that comes along with the industry.

Myth: Go big or go home. 

The most common misconception is that it is always better to go with a bigger agency. Large marketing agencies have more credibility, more experience, and are most likely to contribute to your brand’s success. This is far from the truth. Working with a smaller agency has many benefits that are often overlooked. There is definitely a more hands on and customizable approach when working with smaller agencies. They are able to create a personal relationship with each company they work with since they have fewer clients to cater to. Overall, large agencies don’t have the means to be as responsive and attentive to their clients as a small agency can. 

Myth: Too expensive and lacks ownership. 

The runner up of myths about marketing agencies is that they’re too expensive to work with and don’t take responsibility for the results. It is thought that marketing agencies just take a massive sum of your company’s money and waste it on overpriced events with excess glitz and glam that deliver no value for your company. In reality, marketing agencies take what they do very seriously. Their goal is to use techniques to provide measurable results. 

Whether it’s a single task or an ongoing project, each item of the proposal is carefully thought out to avoid any miscellaneous expenses. If a marketing agency fails to do this it is assumed that they won’t be in business for too long. Firms with a strong reputation will not only give each cost, but will prepare a client for the level of success they should expect.  Marketing agencies develop a very fluid plan for their clients, so they can always re-estimate budgets for both small and large companies. Dedication to this caliber proves that the agency is reputable and one that you can expect a long term relationship with. It’s not that marketing agencies are a waste of money, it’s about choosing the right one that matches your brand’s goals. 

Myth: Leadership goes MIA

Another popular misbelief about marketing agencies is that after the contract is signed, the higher ups  will disappear. People are concerned that the top leaders are brought solely for the pitch and then once a deal is made, it’s handed off to the junior staff.  Again, this is a far more popular approach within companies that are not reputable. It is understandable why clients would feel unworthy or unimportant if they were just passed off to members of the agency that have a lack of experience. 

The truth is that top tier marketing agencies will work as a unit no matter the client. They will utilize the strengths of each member of the team and collaborate to provide the best possible services. For example, a social media specialist will help a client grow their instagram or facebook pages while a website developer would create keywords for the clients website to fall higher up on the Google search results. Leaving specific clients out to dry is not what makes a successful marketing agency, teamwork and strategy is the best tactic for everyone involved. 

Although there is potential for some marketing agencies to take part in these myths, they shouldn’t be the standard for all. Think of these myths as qualities to avoid while looking to partner with a marketing agency. And remember, any company can make use of a marketing agency, just do research before picking one.