January 6, 2023

How to Make Your Email Campaign Stand Out

Email marketing is a great way to reach new customers and stay in touch with existing ones. Running a successful marketing campaign can increase brand awareness and generate sales. However, people’s inboxes are flooded with tons of emails every day. Here are some tips to make your campaign stand out.

Use a Noticeable Subject

Grabbing the reader’s attention is important and the first thing people notice when they check their email is the subject line. Standing out from the crowd is necessary or the customer will delete your email before they even open it. A few ideas to avoid the trash are to use caps, use a shocking statement, or reference a trending event.

Write About Helpful Content

Once the customer or potential lead opens your email, it is vital that the message includes content they will want to read. Showcasing recent accomplishments in a newsletter or sending summary of your blog posts are great ways to make your company a valuable source of information.

Make it Personal

Emails with a customized subject are more likely to be opened and read. Making small changes to give each recipient a unique email will make them feel appreciated. You can also make the email feel friendly by including fun facts about your company. Including a short biography of your team members is a great way to show your company’s personality in the campaign.

Keep it Easy to Read

Having organized information is key when running a successful email campaign. A short concise email is more engaging and the recipients are more likely to read all the information. A few tips are to use lists, bullet points, or headings. Including pictures or diagrams is also a great way to grab the reader’s attention.

Use Interactive Content

Videos are taking over marketing campaigns and are a great way to draw in the reader. It is also a convenient way to include links to your company’s social media accounts to increase engagement across platforms. Other ways to interact with your customer base is by including a quiz or poll in the message.

Mobile Friendly Formatting

Most people check emails on their phone multiple times a day, so ensuring the campaign will be user friendly on a mobile device is critical. Emails that are impossible to read on a phone are likely to be discarded. Make sure to use a single column design and if you include images make sure they will load quickly. 

Email marketing is a valuable tool to boost sales and creating a memorable campaign is essential. Attention grabbing subject lines and personalized messages are two ways we avoid the trash. If you’re struggling with any aspect of digital marketing, Katama can help. Contact us today!