The Benefits of Interning at Katama:

1. Gain Valuable Experience in the Workforce

An internship at Katama is a great opportunity to prepare for the workforce. At Katama, you are encouraged to use the knowledge learned in the classroom, and apply it to real work experiences. Although it is not a full-time position, your working experience allows you to develop a sense of what a typical day in the office looks like. In addition, you obtain advantageous information that heightens your problem solving, teamwork, decision-making, and communication skills.

2. Explore Potential Career Paths

In general, internships offer the opportunity to explore career paths. Specifically, Katama offers a variety of internships that invite you to explore your interests and desired field. With such an opportunity, you develop a stronger sense if your desired field is still something you are interested in. Katama assists in helping you discover not only your strengths, but also discover your passion.

3. Refine and Purify Your Skills

An internship is a great learning experience, as it encourages you to make mistakes, ask questions, and take chances. The Katama team provides support and assistance every step of the way. There is no doubt that you will leave the internship program without refining both your hard and soft skills.

4. Possible Job Opportunity

Towards the end of an internship comes an internship performance review. With such feedback, a job opportunity may present itself, depending on how your performance suits the needs of Katama.

Types of Internships Available:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • Industrial Design


My Internship with Katama provided the opportunity to gain knowledge in the areas of business that interested me. My manager allowed me the freedom to voice my interests and worked with me to set goals that would drive me to become efficient in those areas. I was able to gain real world experience through attending meetings with clients, having ownership over marketing and sales projects, and establishing workflows. My experience at Katama has provided me with a skill set that will be beneficial to my future career.

Molly Roy, Babson 2022

I loved how the Katama team genuinely cared about my career goals and catered my internships to ensure I achieved those goals. I truly enjoyed the variety of the work I was exposed to-- I wasn't stuck doing one project the whole summer. Instead, I was able to explore all aspects of a marketing agency to learn where my interests and passions lie. The Katama team was extremely helpful with goal setting, resume building, and consequently set me up for success in the future.

Sam Borjeson, Babson 2022