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Katama partners with innovative startups to attract their ideal customer and maximize their marketing budget without growing their marketing department overhead, posting every single day, and spending hours on content creation.

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Who We Are


We are digital marketing firm with a unique combination of practical experience and a start-up mentality. Our teams bring a personalized touch, agility, and cutting-edge drive of igniting growth for our clients.

The agility of a production company, and the cutting-edge tech of a startup.

Who We Are
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Get a Team for the Cost of an Employee

Employees Need More Than Salary

Startups often believe that an in-house marketer is the solution, but in fact, it can be more expensive than outsourcing due to the necessary investments in tools and resources. Consider the additional costs before making a decision.

Lack of Team Bandwidth

Marketing encompasses a range of strategies and techniques. It is difficult for a small team to master all aspects of marketing simultaneously.

A comprehensive approach requires a dedicated and specialized effort.

Trial and Error is Costly

If you’re not completely confident in your marketing expertise, attempting to do it all on your own can result in costly trial and error. In situations of uncertainty, it’s advisable to hire experienced professionals.

Invest in Your Growth

Choosing to build your own marketing team compared to partnering with ours may result in a more favorable financial outcome for your business by the end of the year. Supplement your team with Katama for measurable results.

Make Online Presence

Your Online
Marketing Team

Katama offers entrepreneurs the resources and expertise they need to build impactful businesses. We meet you where you are in your journey, creating a personalized strategy, which is fully managed and executed across the appropriate channels. We specialize in digital marketing services for startups, including Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Marketing Team

We Work With

  • Pre-Seed & Seed Stage Startups
  • SMB B2B Startups
  • SaaS Startups
  • E-commerce Startups
Growth of Startup

Propel The Growth of Your Startup

Growth of Startup

Search Engine Optimization

Making sure you show up where it matters most.

Growth of Startup

Website Health Optimization

Improving your website performance to drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

Growth of Startup

Social Advertising

Campaigns built just for your audience that get clicks and ultimately revenue.

Growth of Startup

Pay Per Click

Prioritizing high-impact PPC campaigns to drive quick wins then scale what works.

Our Offerings

We practice what we preach

At Katama, we deliver hands-on marketing solutions with a focus on results. Our clients love our creativity & collaboration coupled with our ability to drive impact immediately.

Get Business Growth

Ready to make your mark in the startup world?

Let Katama be your partner! As a strategic design agency, we specialize in helping pre-seed to Series B startups stand out from the crowd. From crafting a brand identity that captivates, to designing a website that wows, to building a GTM and sales/marketing funnel on social media, we’ve got tons of experience to make an impact and big impression right away. So let’s get together, scale to the next growth phase & build a great biz!

Here’s what we can do for you in a snap

  • Get your brand up, going and scaled through all (relevant) social platforms
  • Create and build your Demand Generation Engine
  • Design and write copy that will drive followers and leads to you
  • Build awareness and engagement across your Social Platforms – building a pipeline
Our Offerings


Are you looking for a marketing agency that can help you make your start-up stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience? At Katama, we team up with cutting-edge startups to reel in their dream customers, all while keeping their marketing allocations optimized and overhead low. Every day, we unleash an impactful array of online content / engaging material that builds & scales pipeline growth, and keeping our clients on top.

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Katama Specialization

Our Specialization

We understand the importance of standing out in a competitive market and will ensure that your start-up’s message is communicated effectively and efficiently to your target audience. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a tailored marketing plan to meet your individual needs and budget. We look forward to working with you to help make your start-up a success!

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Katama Specialization
We are Experts

We're fluent in startup

We are not just an agency. We are also startup founders, advisors, and brand creators. Whether you are pre-seed or series B, our expertise will take your startup to the next level.

Let's Be Digital

Your Online Presence

We specialize in leveraging the latest digital marketing trends and tools to reach your target market, increase brand awareness and improve overall profitability. We understand the importance of standing out in a competitive market and will ensure that your business’s message is communicated effectively and efficiently to your target audience.

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Let's Be Digital
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