We believe talented people drive results. Mitigate risk and let Katama help expand your team. We can rapidly recruit top talent for your organization, on a full-time, part-time, or fractional resources, helping you lower operational costs. By letting us help you build your team, we can fill roles fast, so you can build your team sooner.


Let us help you build out your organizational learning and development strategy to ensure your employees have the most up-to-date industry knowledge, as well as innovative tools at their fingertips. Katama can collaborate with your team to develop training your company needs to succeed. 


Build loyalty with recognition. Retaining top-performing employees is one of the biggest challenges employers face today. Competition for talent is tighter than ever, and qualified job seekers are quickly snapped up by companies looking to fill positions. We understand the current workforce trends, and turnover is increasing as younger generations saturate the market. Katama can help your business build a plan to ensure employee satisfaction and retention, cutting hiring costs. Let’s make your organization one where employees never want to leave. 

Meet Katama's

CEO Mark Zides

Talent Management & Sales Strategy Industry Expert

Mark has developed and led strategic engagements for multinational Fortune 1000 and small to mid-sized (SMB) companies across all industries and functional leadership teams. His experience spans many organizations in accessing, designing, and developing sustainable programs in revenue generation and growth, sales optimization, talent management, organizational excellence, leadership development, learning and development, knowledge management, IT advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and transformation. Mark has led strategy and consulting engagements with entrepreneurial start-ups through the growth stage to consulting at dozens of global brands; all while advising SMBs through innovation and growth initiatives.