website design

September 9, 2022

Website considerations for small businesses

As a small business, it is important to focus on crucial details when building an effective website. The behind the scenes of your website can either make or break your company and the amount of traffic going to your web page. Here are five important things that your small business should consider about your website.

First off, utilizing an effective search engine optimization (SEO) code will dictate website traffic in order to adhere to Google’s algorithm. Through SEO, you are able to target more specific marketing funnels in order to reach your next customer. SEO also optimizes user experience, which is a key component to adhering to Google’s algorithm, as their software can recognize optimal user experience. In May of 2022, Google changed their search engine algorithm, so be sure to do your research and include the items that Google uses to dictate your positioning in the search engine results. 

A clearly stated Call to Action will increase the likelihood of engagement. Something as simple as utilizing a widget where a potential customer can provide their contact information to receive more information may attract more attention and entice viewers to learn more about your business.

Your website should be a direct depiction of what you would like your brand or company to look like. Branding is one of the most important aspects of a company, as this is how you would like a potential customer to depict your company. An eye catching, memorable logo, slogan, or recognizable image are all key brand identifiers. Another strategy would be to create a story for your website. Ask yourself: 

  • Is the website attractive? 
  • Would a customer be likely to explore different pages of the website? 
  • Does the website touch upon important aspects of the brand that you would like a viewer to know about? 

Having a color scheme that the website sticks to is an important strategy to entice customers to want to learn more. Psychological studies have shown that certain colors can trigger emotional responses. For example, a subtle pastel blue often gives a more professional look. For some food companies, it has been found that the color red can trigger a response of hunger. Not to mention, sticking to one color scheme allows for the color to be associated with the brand to make it more identifiable. These subconscious emotions may lead to a higher client retention rate and increased profits.

Increasing your social media platform usage by linking your company’s social media accounts will lead to a more convenient user experience. With almost 60% of the world present on social media, this can be a tool used to your advantage. Social media is a central hub for reviews, user generated content (UGC), and social proof. It has been found that one of the most beneficial strategies for social media marketing is actively commenting on posts, so use this free marketing strategy to your advantage! By having social media icons present on your website, you are allowing for an easier way to navigate the company for the customer.

Whether you are just starting your website or editing a pre existing website, keep these five things in mind. Your SEO, branding, and design all contribute to your ranking in a Google search. Following these strategies will ultimately lead to an increase in website traffic and a higher return on investment.