December 16, 2022

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Blog

Running a small business is hard. Thousands of startups are founded every year, and it is important to stand out if you want to be successful. Blogging is a great way to grow your business and is currently the third most popular form of content marketing. Here is why we believe every small business should write a blog.

Blogging boosts a website’s SEO

Businesses with a blog get 97% more inbound links, have 55% more website traffic, and can increase their conversion rate by 600%. Boosting SEO will grow the organic search traffic over time and more web visitors means there is a higher number of people that can be converted to sales. On average it takes about three to four months of consistent quality blog content to produce a change in SEO, so it’s important to remain consistent even if you aren’t seeing the change in traffic at first. Once you start blogging, however, there is no stopping the increase in engagement on your site.

Blogging builds brand loyalty

Customers feel closer to a brand after reading its blog. When a company creates custom content, it builds their authority as an expert source of information. Consumers trust in mainstream media sources including government information (13%), media reports (10%), and advertisements (8%) are at an all time low. However, 81% still trust the information they are reading in blog posts. 

Blogging can improve your other forms of marketing

Blog posts are easy to repurpose for social media content, email marketing, and paid advertisements. Companies that write a blog can post about it on their social media pages, making their accounts more credible. Accounts with educational information are also more likely to gain followers who are truly interested in learning more, which will increase engagement. Email marketing is also a great way to reach potential customers. Providing a link to your blog on an email is a great way to attract leads to your website.

Blogging takes less time and costs less than other forms of content marketing

Creating videos and ebooks are also popular tools businesses use, but blogging is an easier form of content to publish often. Companies can either write their own content, which is cheaper but takes a bit more time, or outsource blog writing, which is more expensive but saves time and ensures quality content. Companies should write about topics relevant to their business and incorporate keywords in order to reach their target audience. 

Blogging is clearly a tool every small business should be taking advantage of to create long term growth. Even if your company only has a few employees, there are ways to create high quality content for your site. Outsourcing digital marketing allows for a company’s employees to focus on their tasks, while still reaping these benefits. In fact, 62% of companies outsource blog writing and their other content marketing. Check out our site if you’re looking for help with blog writing or digital marketing.