Your only focus is to Close the Opportunities we provide

We offer end-to-end sales development services, covering everything from:

  • Identifying the ideal ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) lists
  • Crafting comprehensive email sequences and LinkedIn messaging
  • Developing effective cold call scripts
  • Conducting in-depth market research and competitor analysis
Opportunities Management

Additionally, we provide comprehensive training and management for sales representatives, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources. We will streamline the entire sales development process.

This ensures your sole focus to remain on closing deals.

Katama Consulting

About Katama

Katama specializes in providing outsourced sales development and lead generation services to growing businesses seeking to cultivate a robust stream of new leads and appointments. Our expertise extends across diverse industries, as we craft qualified marketing and sales opportunities for our esteemed clients.

Operating with a hands-on approach, we diligently generate actionable sales prospects that seamlessly integrate with clients’ in-house sales and marketing resources. Alternatively, for businesses led by owners or partners, we orchestrate meaningful meetings to facilitate client and partner acquisitions.

Central to our strategy is the expansion of brand awareness and the creation of strategic sales openings. We employ demand generation tactics such as targeted email marketing, effective cold calling, and precise LinkedIn outreach to achieve tangible results. Our primary objective revolves around facilitating highly qualified appointment setting.

We understand and have worked with companies from different industries, belonging to all growth stages and deploying varying revenue models. With a team comprised of seasoned experts in revenue generation, growth strategies, sales techniques, and demand generation, we’ve recognized that a standardized approach does not suffice in building a thriving sales development function. Acknowledging the nuanced requirements of each client, we collaborate closely to customize strategies that align with their unique scope, aspirations, and expectations.

Whether it involves enhancing outbound prospecting efforts, refining the process of inbound qualification, or meticulously constructing a strategic sales framework, our distinct approach and dedicated team are meticulously designed to propel pipeline revenue across a diverse spectrum of projects and industries. We have a myriad of supporting digital marketing offerings to augment your demand generation process.


The Katama Approach:

  • Needs Assessment We start by understanding your company's target audience, ideal customer profile, and sales goals. Through collaborative discussions, we gather essential information to customize our approach.
  • Tailored Strategy Based on the gathered insights, we craft a customized lead generation strategy. This strategy outlines how our network of sales development representatives will engage potential prospects, ensuring alignment with your goals.
  • Proof of Concept and Demonstrations Our team will share a messaging and calling playbook that would be implemented via email, LinkedIn and phone calls. We will conduct a final round of demonstrations (3 rounds of Quality Assurance are included)
  • Expert Training Our sales development representatives undergo comprehensive training on your product or service offerings, your industry, and effective communication techniques. This equips them to represent your company seamlessly and confidently.
  • Targeted Outreach Our skilled representatives engage in targeted outreach campaigns, leveraging their expertise to connect with potential leads. Through personalized messaging and effective communication, we nurture relationships and create meaningful interactions.
  • High-Quality Leads As our representatives engage with prospects, they identify and qualify leads that match your ideal customer profile. These high-quality leads are then handed over to your sales team, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your sales pipeline for further nurturing and conversion.

Comprehensive and Multi-Touch Engagement Strategy

We secure sales meetings through various avenues, encompassing Phone, Email, and LinkedIn combined with a detailed secondary market research process.

These channels collaboratively operate to optimize the potential of each lead. Our reps are experts with tools such as, ZoomInfo, Salesforce and other sales tools.

Our established methodology, combined with cutting-edge technology and exceptional expertise, produces exceptional outcomes with unparalleled cost-effectiveness.


With the “cold calling craft” deeply ingrained in our representatives, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Drawing from a track record of successful cold calling across various continents, our reps have seamlessly represented companies spanning the globe.

Harnessing the efficiency of power dialers, they engage in a high-volume outreach strategy, connecting with numerous prospects daily.


We excel in crafting and managing demand-centric email campaigns. Backed by adept copywriters, our content breaks through inbox noise.

AI tools ensure high-quality HTML and non-graphic emails. Our email marketing involves a measurable process through A/B tests.

Strategic email sequences guide leads to decisive actions, boosting conversions. This mastery redefines email campaigns with innovation and precision.


Our LinkedIn channel excels in personalized messaging tailored to company, role, and experience.

We will enhance engagement by combining email, phone, and LinkedIn for optimal appointment-setting outcomes. This synergy increases the likelihood of successful appointments.

Furthermore, we strategically utilize recent announcements and news to break the ice swiftly, establishing meaningful rapport from the outset.

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Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

Katama Consulting Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides on-demand marketing services to businesses that are looking to accelerate lead flow and revenue. Whether you’re just starting a business or your current marketing strategy isn’t generating the desired results, on-demand marketing services can help with your growth goals.

We’re a team of innovative, creative, and passionate individuals who love to problem solve and collaborate. We specialize in building and executing digital advertising for startups and established businesses. Our forward-thinking approach has made us one of the most regarded marketing agencies in the industry. We continuously work to find creative opportunities to scale our client’s businesses and ensure we’re an indispensable partner.

Meet the team

Our team of consultants work tirelessly to deliver modern, impactful, and creative marketing and growth strategies. We only hire the best and brightest.

Mark Zides - Founder and CEO
Mark Zides

Founder and CEO

Terah Paluba - Lead Content Strategist
Terah Paluba

Lead Content Strategist

Josh Ludin - Lead Website Designer & Developer
Josh Ludin

Lead Website Designer & Developer

Alexis Reed - Lead Marketing Designer
Alexis Reed

Lead Marketing Designer

Sam Borjeson - 2022 Summer Intern
Sam Borjeson

2022 Summer Intern

Molly Roy - 2022 Summer Intern
Molly Roy

2022 Summer Intern


Katama’s unique subscription model and pricing plans ensure high efficiency, which means no dollar goes wasted. You get a customized estimate for each project before it starts, as well as full visibility into how your plan is being maximized. Katama understands that transparency is key to building a strong relationship with our clients.



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